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Bill Nurge 59 years old explain what type of training you should do after 40+ years old

Six things older bodies need –But aren’t getting– from every exercise. Bill Nurge 59 years old and in the best shape in his life talks about his secrets of how to keep his body stronger and younger while he grows older. Click on the button to read the article. Read Article


SVPN Magazine Article by Bill Nurge. How to get leaner for summer time, three habits to start today

Three Habits to Start Today Learn the secrets of Sliming Down for Summer… Nothing feels as good as a lean & clean, summer activity machine. Click on the button to read the article. Read Article


Mark Pattison, NFL player shows his body changes before and after 7 weeks climbing Everest

Take Home’s from the Top of the World By Bill Nurge, M.A. Exercise Physiology Want to know what it’s like to lose 20 lbs of muscle, and age 50 years in two months? Find out in this interview with former NFL Player Mark Pattison, who recently scaled Mt Everest and barely lived to tell the […]