Bill & Naty Nurge Best Functional Fitness Trainers in Ketchum, Sun Valley & Hailey Idaho.

Bill & Naty Nurge

60 Years of Combined Experience

Making Bodies Leaner, Stronger, and

Better Prepared for the 6-Dimensional Demands

of High Performance Living. 

About Bill

M.A. Exercise Physiology, Head Coach of Getting Better, without Getting Hurt.

Bill Nurge is a 59 year old catalyzer for change, whose SuperPower is  helping people–of all ages & abilities—transform their bodies and achieve higher levels of 6-Dimensional Fitness. 

He can radically change bodies and fitness levels in weeks vs months or never. Leveraging 40 years of experience as a Fitness Trainer & Coach, Nurge is on a mission from the Gods of Ageless Living to help humans with bodies take bigger bites out of Life and Sports.

He is obsessed with helping his students succeed, and has a diverse client list that includes the likes of World Champions, Navy Seals, A-List Celebrities, Olympians, U.S. Ski Teamer’s and Everyday SuperHeroes. 

Aside from coaching, he has presented research at the American College of Sports Medicine, and numerous Workshops at International Fitness Events. 

As an athlete competing in 20 different sports and hundreds of events, he’s had more than his fair share of suffering in the “Pain Cave”and winning Medals & prize Money.

Today, winning is all about changing lives, while ridding the world of Junk-Exercises and unnecessary injuries. Regardless of how you Look, Feel, and Function right now, Bill Nurge will find ways to make you better, without getting hurt.

For the past 33 years, Bill Nurge, has been serving up Functional Training workouts in Ketchum, Sun Valley & Hailey Idaho.


Hanover Park High School (1976-1980) Pole Vaulter, Diver

St. Michael’s College (1980-84) Swimmer & Diver 

Michigan State University (1984-86) Winner MSU Triathlon

1st Place, Capital City Triathlon, 1986

1st Place, Greater Lansing Triathlon, 1986

2nd Place, 1990 National Championships, Summer Biathlon

4th Place, 1991 North American Championships, Biathlon

1st Place, 1991 Utah and Oregon Winter Games, Biathlon 

1st Place, 1991 National Nordic Masters Championships

10th Place, 1992 Olympic Trials, Biathlon

3rd Place, 1997 World Championships, Nordic Masters 30k Classic

1st Place–19x Winner Baldy Hill Climb Races 1991-2018 including: 

4x Winner Baldy Hill Climb (3,300 vertical in 1.89 miles) 36:20 PR

4x Winner & Course Record Holder, Baldy Snowshoe Race 44:44 PR

2x Winner Baldy Hill Climb Run (3,300 vertical in 5 miles)  PR: 59:20

2x Winner Baldy Buddy Hike (2,000 vertical in 3 miles) PR: 28:38 

2x Winner Baldy Double Hill Climb (Bike/Run 11 miles, 7,000 vertical)

3x Winner Mt Baldy Triathlon (Bike/Hike/Run 10 miles, 10,000 vert) 

2x Winner Baldy Hill Climb Bike to RoundHouse (3 miles, 2,000 vert) s.

1st Place and Course Record Holder 2007 Sawtooth Century Road Bike Race 

1st Place and Course Record Holder, 2008 High Uintas Classic Bike Race 

1st Place and former American Record holder 2017, SkiErg 500 meters 

3rd Place, SkiErg World Championships, 1,000 meters, 2016

1st Place, Masters Record Holder—2016 Hyndman Run (10k, 5,000 vertical) 

1st Place Bogus Basin Hill Cliimb, 2018, (Mtb 21 miles, 5,500 vertical) 

1st Place and course record holder 2016 Rebecca’s Private Idaho Gravel Grinder

2x Winner Billy Goat Loppett 10k Nordic Race, 2017/18 

2x Winner Prairie Creek 15k Classic Ski Race, 1997/18

Bill Nurge. Best Trainer in Ketchum, Idaho.

About Naty

M.S. Engineering, CFO, Women’s Fitness Specialist

Naty Nurge is a 46 year old Lifelong Fitness Trainer and Pro-Athlete with numerous Eco-Challenge victories and Multi-Sport medals to her name.

Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia—which many consider the beauty capital of the World—she has long been obsessed with looking great, but was never willing to compromise speed for aesthetics. Now, with the help of her favorite CATALYZER exercises, she’s figured out how to look strong & sexy, while still performing outdoors like a 20 something elite athlete. Known for her sharp wit and abs that can light up a room, she’s much more than just a business-minded creative who is always looking to take things from good to great; she is the company’s first female CFO: Chief of F#%King-everything Officer.

Naty Nurge. Best Trainer in Ketchum, Sun Valley & Hailey Idaho.


2 Time Winner of the ECO-CHALLENGE World Championships (Swim/Bike/Kayak/Run/Climb)

1st Place, and Course Record Holder, Rebecca’s Private Idaho Gravel Grinder

2nd Place–Masters (40+) Course Record Holder—2016 Hyndman Sufferfest Run (10k, 5,000 vertical)

1st Place Mountain Warrior Decathlon (10 grueling events in 2 days)

1st Place Baldy Double Hill Climb

World Record holder—former—SkiErg 500 meters

1st Place Mountain Warrior Triathlon

Certified Life Coach, and Personal Trainer

Naty Nurge. 46 years old figure how to keep her muscles, bones & strength after 40.

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How can WE help?

If you have any questions regarding our training, please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.