Functional Training Gym in Downtown Ketchum

World Class athletes Bill Nurge & Naty Nurge, have been serving up Functional Fitness Classes and Personal Training in Sun Valley, for the past 33 years.
For 35 years, we’ve been the #1 ranked Sun Valley gym,
offering personal training & small group classes.
We’re the only private Sun Valley gym that can give your aging 40+ body, the 6 things it needs so you lose weight, look great, feel energized, and function like a high performance athlete.
Unlike conventional workouts (Weights/TRX/Pilates), here’s what you get from every HardCore FUNctional Training session:
1. Strength  2. Stamina  3. Mobility
4. Muscle Definition  5. Core Dyna-Stability  6. Coordination

how can we help you?

It pains us to see people wasting time on ineffective exercises and getting unnecessary injuries.

Let us leverage 60 years of experience to help YOU get leaner, stronger, and more fit…without getting hurt. 

Mark Pattison Functional training with personal fitness expert Bill Nurge before his expedition climbing Everest

Training Center

Nothing beats In-Person,
real-time, “live” training!

Training with us, you can transform your body and take your fitness to the next level. Whether you train privately, or join a small group class, we’ll deliver the 6 things your body needs—but isn’t getting—from every workout.

Hardcore Training Center Best Training Studio in Sun Valley Idaho

Online Training

There’s no place like home for Next Level Fitness.

We’ve created hundreds of Online FUNctional Training workouts you can do at home, outdoors, or on the go. And most importantly you get the Next Level 6-Dimensional Fitness you deserve AnyWhere, AnyTime!

If You Want the Body & Fitness You’ve Never Had

You need the workout you’ve never done.

Whether you’re training to climb Mt Everest —like NFL player Mark Pattison on left— or want to be super fit for all of your outdoor activities—like Jim Mora NFL Coach on right— or just look good naked 🙂—like World Class Athlete and Trainer Bill Nurge in the middle— we’ve got your back on getting better, without getting hurt. 

We’re older athletes—47 & 60—fighting to stay young, just like you…
Also Lifelong Pro Trainers, with 60 years of Combined Experience.
Our Specialty is Making Older Bodies Perform Better, for an Active Lifestyle.
Come to our Sun Valley gym, and we’ll Change Your Body, and Change Your Life.

BILL NURGE, M.A. Exercise Physiology
Naty nurge, m.s engineering

A Good Trainer Can Change Your Workout

The Right Trainer Will Change Your Life.

By Overloading Uniquely Effective 6-D Movements, 
with our Revolutionary Patented Training System,
You’ll Get the Get the Life-Changing 6-D Fitness You Deserve.



Dare to Train Better
The World Needs 
The Best Version  Of YOU!!

Mark Pattison is a former Oakland Raiders player who has been functional training with Bill Nurge at HardCore Training center in Ketchum, Idaho,to break 2 World Records this Spring:  -Oldest (age 59) person to summit Everest & Lhotse in one day -First NFL Player to conquer all 7 of the World’s highest Summit’s
Hardcore Training Center First private Functional Training Studio in Sun Valley Idaho
Sue Engelman, 69: I'm 69 and I don't have time to train...But I set aside 3 hours per week at Hardcore Training Center knowing that I’m doing all the right things for my body in every session. I feel great and I’m stronger than most men half my age."
Hardcore Training Center Best Functional Training Studio in Ketchum and Sun Valley Idaho
Hardcore Training Center. Best Training studio in Ketchum Idaho
We don’t train individual muscles. We train 6-Dimensional Athletic Movements that effectively overload ALL of your muscles simultaneously, so you get leaner, faster… 
Our training program makes you LOOK fit & half your age, consequently you’ll FEEL energized,  sharp, and Function like a high-performance athlete. We don’t train to make your body tired & sore.
Don’t think you need weights to “Go hard, or Go home.” We train with next-generation tools that deliver the 6 Things Your Body Needs from Every Workout:

1. STRENGTH at all loads/angles/speeds to be stronger for Life and Sports.
2. STAMINA in all of your muscles to burn more fat, and feel energized all day.
3. MOBILITY in every joint to move more freely, reduce injuries, and feel younger.
4. MUSCLES that are lean, powerful, & function optimally for your active lifestyle.
5. COORDINATION to improve sports performance and overall athleticism.
6. CORE DYNA-STABILITY to eliminate back pain, and move with confidence.   

When it comes to getting results from training, it’s never about what works.

It’s about what works better…

Wherever you are right now, we can do better, working together. 
Hardcore Training Center Gym in Ketchum, Idaho

“Until I met Bill, I thought I knew a lot about training. I’ve been working out with trainers my entire life, and had no idea I was wasting so much time, and energy. Now, instead of just trying to make my muscles big with weights, I’m giving my body the 6 things it needs to stay as young as possible, for as long as possible.” 

~Paul, 78. Ketchum.

Hardcore Training Center Online Functional Training
“The online workouts with the Catalyzer are perfect for my crazy busy Mom schedule. They’re hard, fun, and hit everything I need in 30-60 minutes.”

~Lacie, 32. Sun Valley.


Aging Isn’t for Sissies…
Neither is Hardcore Training.
Watch this video to see how YOU Can Give Your
Aging Body The 6 Things it Needs
from Every Workout!

Get better without getting hurt at Hardcore Training Center Gym in Sun Valley.

Ready to Feel Younger, Look Leaner, & Function Better in Life and Sports?

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