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Did You Know there are 6 Things Your Body Needs

—but isn’t getting– from Every Workout?

Unlike hiking, yoga, cycling, pilates, & weight training,
we deliver All 6, All at Once.

Training Programs

we provide more than workouts. we change lives.

You’ve got a million things to worry about everyday.

Fitness shouldn’t be one of them.

Let us obsess about what Tools, and which Exercises, Deliver the 6 things your Aging Body Needs from Every Workout:

1. Strength 2. Stamina 3. Mobility 4. Muscle Definition 5. Core DynaStability 6. Coordination 

Hardcore Training Center Best Functional Training Studio in Sun Valley Idaho

Personal Training

Changing your Aging Body and Improving your Fitness starts with us Understanding your specific Goals, your Injuries, your History, your Life, your Sports. We meet you where you’re at, not where we’re at, so YOU can get the 6-Dimensional Fitness YOU need, to live the life of YOUR dreams.

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Hardcore Training Center In Person Training

Small group Sessions

Since opening the very first Functional Fitness studio in Ketchum (1989), small-group training has been the way to go for most exercisers. Everyone works at their own level, and gets the personal attention they need to get the safest and most effective body-changing stimulus. If you’re looking for the most affordable way to get 6x more FUNctional results from every workoutthis is it!!!


Improving how you feel, function, and look Affects everything

Everyone has a special gift: something they’re instinctively very good at without even trying. We call it a SuperPower. Everyone of you is capable of making the World a better place in your own unique way.

The problem is it’s hard—if not impossible—to use your SuperPower and change the World when you Feel like crap, don’t Look your best, and Function at half capacity because your body is stiff, weak, and overweight.

Our SuperPower, is to provide you with the secrets and shortcuts to being the best version of you, so you can make your Family, Your Career, Your Marriage, Your World, a better and happier place.

Hardcore Training Center. Best Training studio in Sun Valley Idaho

Dan Young, 60 Builder & Business Owner

“There’s no other program like this for improving overall fitness and athleticism. At 59, I’m in the best shape of my life and HardCore training has taken my sports performance to new levels. Thanks, Bill & Naty for making me pain-free and super fit for everything I love to do.”

“So, here is what we did today! And I just want to say THANK YOU! Because of you and Hardcore, I had both the strength and confidence to tackle this climbing route, and actually enjoy it. For all the times I have cursed you during a workout, I thanked you today! See you in two weeks 😉”

Hardcore Training Center. Best Training studio in Sun Valley Idaho

Kelly Feldman, 53 Soccer Coach

Hardcore Training Center. Best Training studio in Sun Valley Idaho

From a medical standpoint, HardCore Training Center

 Checks all the boxes for safety, effectiveness, and whole body overloading that mirrors the variable demands of our lives and recreational activities. By overloading athletic movements proven to build mobility, power, muscle-density, core dynamic-stability, and high end stamina, HardCore takes Functional Fitness to a whole new level.

– Joel Berman, M.D. 61

Tired of Feeling Tired, Stiff, Fat, & Frail?

Ready to Feel Younger, Look Leaner, and Function Better in Life and Sports?