Welcome to Week 1 of PowerCAT30 Challenge

Remember to take some pictures and weight before to start, you will get more motivated once you start seeing some differences

W1/Day 1:

Safety Challenge

Remember to EASE into the warmup, and the first few repetitions of every exercise, so your body has time to adjust to the new movement/speed/loading.

W1/Day 3:

Coordination Challenge

So just do what you can, and modify or delete what you can’t. Nobody learns how to walk, or ride a bicycle, on their first few tries!

W1/Day 5:

Consistency Challenge

Keep your body and brain in beginner mode. That’s where the good stuff happens!!! We want to take you out of your comfort zone… Where you’re repeating not Improving.

Welcome to Week 2 of PowerCAT30 Challenge

This week listen to your body and be kind it it… Modify moves if you need to, narrow your eating window and get enough sleep.

W2/Day 1:

Listen to Your Body Challenge

Remember to Listen to your body and modify your movements and loading to accommodate extra sore body parts that need a little more time to adapt.

W2/Day 3:

Stamina Challenge                                   

During this Challenge try to learn how to lighten up and pace yourself so you’re moving a LOT more than your resting… Don’t stop, Keep moving!

W2/Day 5:

Move like a CAT Challenge           

Relax your face, relax your body, and try to move like a big CAT! Pretend you’re going to workout for 5 hours, not just 1… Make it easy 🙂 

Welcome to Week 3 of PowerCAT30 Challenge

This week don’t eat before your workouts, drink more water and stay cool!

W3/Day 1:

Fasted Training Challenge

Remember to try to do your  workout in a fasted state.  (at least no calories consumed within 4 hours of workout) 

W3/Day 2:

Happy Feet Challenge

Wear footwear that is comfortable and “new”. It’s a lot easier to replace your shoes than your feet, knees, or hips. 

W3/Day 4:

Stay Cool Challenge     

Keep your training space cool and well ventilated so you can work harder, burn more fat, and get less dehydrated from sweating

W3/Day 5:

Don’t Eat Every Time You’re Hungry

Try to develop strategies and habits that make your brain more productive and forget about being “hungry.”

Welcome to Week 4 of PowerCAT30 Challenge

This week is crucial!!! what you do now is going to be reflected in your near future. Be focus on the new YOU and stick with the habits that gets you there.

W4/Day 1:

Eat Less Sugar Challenge

Today, satisfy your sweet tooth with fruits, not processed sugar.   

W4/Day 2:

Skip the Booze Challenge

Consider minimizing alcoholic beverages.

W4/Day 3:

Sleep To Burn Fat Challenge

Try to sleep 8 hours or more every day.

W4/Day 4:

Good Posture Challenge

Challenge yourself to practice good posture both during and after workouts so you can look, feel, and function your best.

W4/Day 5:

Invest in your Fitness Challenge

Not everyone can afford $200/hour for a Personal Trainer, but everyone deserves the life-changing benefits from FitCAT Training.

Welcome to Week 5 of PowerCAT30 Challenge

This week don’t eat before your workouts, drink more water and stay cool!

W5/Day 1:

Say No to Junk-Food Challenge

Instead of junk-calories, find some healthy alternatives and your body will reward you by feeling, functioning, and looking better 🙂

W5/Day 2:

Say Goodbye to Junk-Training Challenge

Recognize Junk-Training from CAT Training: Easy way to Remember CAT (Core- Alternating legs- Think!) If you’re not rotating your CORE, If you’re not alternating your legs at the same time and if you don’t have to think on coordination and balance: IT IS JUNK-TRAINING.