Welcome to our PowerCAT family!

Kudos for having the courage to change up your tools & training, and finally get the results you deserve. 

Working together, we can remodel your body into a leaner, smarter, and more powerful version so you can take bigger bites out of life and sports.

Here’s how we’re going to do it:


Safety is our #1 priority so please take a few minutes to watch the safety intro video before you get started.


We believe you have the power to change how you look, feel and function…We believe because we’ve seen our clients do it 100% of the time. Now it’s your turn… You need to believe you can change, and be stronger than your strongest excuse to stay the same. Don’t worry we’ll be there very
step of the way!


Select a starting date that gives you 7 days to complete the 5 x 45 minute PowerCAT7 FUNdamentals Training sessions. We know the importance of getting off to a great start which is why we’re including these free “personal training” workouts. Each session is designed to build the fundamental movement patterns and physiological foundation you’ll need to advance to the PowerCAT30 Challenge which is where the real fun begins! You can make these educational “workouts” as easy or hard as you want, but you should try to complete them in 7 days so your body and brain can reap all of the rewards.


Failure to plan, is planning to fail. After 7 Days of Fundamentals, we’re serving up a 30 Day Training & Fat-Burning Plan that’s guaranteed to take your body and fitness to another level.
To sign up for the PowerCAT30 Challenge (30 days of weekday workouts and training tips) simply click on the link below. For less than a cup of coffee per day we’ll coach you through fun and challenging 60 minute workouts designed to improve your 6-Pack (1. Strength 2. Stamina 3. Mobility 4. Muscle-Definition 5. Coordination 6. Core Engine Power). 


After 2 years of working with hundreds of athletes and everyday superheroes we know we can change how you look, feel, and function. 
But if for some reason you follow the 30 Day training program, change your eating habits, and don’t feel like you’re better than you were, we’ll refund your money. No hassle, no worries…   


Your success is our #1 priority, and the reason we get up in the morning. If for any reason you’re not feeling the love and getting what you need, by all means shoot us an email bill@coreenginefitness.com and we’ll be happy to help. We’re all on the same team, with the same goal of optimizing our bodies and fitness so we can live bigger and better lives.
Bill & Naty


Do Not Confuse Exercise And Progress.
A Rocking Horse Keeps Exercising But Does Not Make Any Progress.
It’s time to get off the Rocking Horse and get the PowerCAT Progress Party started!!!
Working together we totally got this 🙂