Full body Workout

Strength & Cardio

Warm-Up: Figure8’s warm-up


  • METABOLIC: Powercord&Bar  symmetric & asymmetric (Cardio & Light Strength)
  • CORE: Rip trainer Level2
  • STRENGTH: Shoulders with 2 PowerCords – Moon Pushups & legs – Brief Pull-ups

You’ll need:  Shredders, Mid-Bar, PowerCord (we suggest 2 PowerCords if you need to start easy with push-ups), Black Chain, Carabiner, Red Chain, Handles.

*If you don’t have Shredders, you can use your handles only.

Coordination Tip: Try to get in the mindset that every workout is an opportunity to make your body and brain function better. Forcing your brain to think/balance/coordinate in every workout is ALL Good, but it can be annoyingly difficult.

Keep your body and brain in beginner mode,  where the good stuff happens!!! We want to keep you in a constant state of learning and adapting to new challenges. 

There is no success without struggle, and the sooner you can embrace and befriend the “struggle”, the sooner you will start to enjoy the process of training. 

So just do what you can, and modify or delete what you can’t. Nobody learns how to walk, or ride a bicycle, on their first few tries!


Watch Bill for Heavy and Hard and Watch Naty for Light and easy.

Have a great Workout!!!

Contact us for any questions: support@coreenginefitness.com

Bill & Naty