Full Body Workout 

Heavy UpperBody and Heavy Legs + Cardio

Warm-Up: PowerCord Level4 and Bar


  • CARDIO: Powercord&Bar asymmetric (Cardio & Light Strength)
  • CORE: Rip trainer Level2 & Level3, Figure8’s with PowerCord&Bar
  • STRENGTH: Upper Body with Handles & PowerCord, Moon Push-ups, Legs with PowerCord.

You’ll need: PowerCAT Kit (Mid-Bar, PowerCord, Black Chain, Carabiner & Handles)

Stay Cool Tip:

There is absolutely no benefit to purposefully training in a hot environment. In fact, studies show that exercising in the heat burns less fat than exercising in a cooler environment.

Over-heating and over-sweating are all bad for a lot of reasons, so do your best to keep your training space cool and well ventilated so you can work harder, burn more fat, and get less dehydrated from sweating.

And FYI cooler air has more oxygen so you can burn more calories in less time. 

Stay Cool and Have Fun!

Bill & Naty