PowerCAT30 Challenge!!!

Guaranteed to Trim Fat, Tone Muscles, & Take your 6-Pack of Fitness to the next level…

If you’re up for changing how you Look, Feel, and Function, we’re up for making it happen safely and effectively.

You get: 4 Weeks of Coaching  $99 (Value $3,300)


  • 15 x 1-hour Workouts: 3-5 per week 
  • 22 Life-Altering Challenges: Change your habits, change your body!
  • CHALLENGE: Send us before and after pics to participate for 3 FREE MONTHS of PowerCAT90 Training!
We’ll leverage our 60 years of combined experience as Trainers & Athletes to personally coach you for 30 days. 
Our goal is to help you create lifestyle habits and a training routine that takes your body & fitness to the next level.
Here’s what you can expect if you’re up for the challenge:

Strength: After 30 days your whole body will be stronger and more integrated.  

Stamina: Your lower back, neck, and postural muscles will love you for this! 

Mobility: Because every exercise is a “stretch”, your entire body will feel more mobile and move better.

Muscle Definition: By burning the soft subcutaneous fat, and hardening the muscle underneath, we’ll tone & define every muscle on your body.  

Coordination: Expect to feel lighter on your feet and more coordinated after 15 kinesthetically challenging workouts with the CAT. 

Core Engine Power: We’ll train your Core Engine in every exercise so you look, feel, and function better!

CHALLENGE: Send us before and after pics to be eligible for 3 FREE MONTHS of PowerCAT90 Training!


Change your habits and change your Body in 30 days!