What The Best Training Program should Include?

Best Training Program will make you Look, Feel and Function better

With 40 years of designing the most efficient exercises and best training programs for World Class athletes, Bill Nurge shares some secrets to getting super fit… If Exercise was a Pill, what would you want it to do? Over the past 4 decades in the fitness trenches, here are the 3 answers—and not in any […]

What you don’t move eventually won’t move

Inspired by his deep-seated beliefs, Sadhu Amar practiced 24/7 saluting his right arm overhead. After a few focussed months, his fascia/connective tissue took over the task of “stabilizing”, and his arm has been stuck in a salute —immobilized & useless like a dead tree branch—for over 40 years.

Why do I get stiffer? Why does my back hurt? Should I move or do planks? Unlike a turtle’s shell, the human “core” is designed to rotate and produce power. If you teach the core muscles and fascia to be rigid and unmoving, that’s what your body learn and ultimately leads to immobility and back […]

What’s a Super Simple Way to Tell if an Exercise is Junk? The FitCAT test!

Mark Pattison Functional training with personal fitness expert Bill Nurge before his expedition climbing Everest

Practice doesn’t make PERFECT. Practice makes PERMANENT. Wherever exercise you are practicing, doesn’t mean you are getting FITTER, you are getting better AT that specific move. Choose your PRACTICE wisely! Every exercise inHardCore Training Center has to pass the FitCAT test to determine if it’s making you Fit for Life & Sports, or just tired and sore. CAT is […]

Tests your Core. How do you know if you have a Strong Core or a Weak Core?

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Your Core Engine is the largest and most powerful muscle system in your body (and the one capable of burning the most fat!), and it’s also responsible for powerful rotation—the kind you use when you throw, strike or swim. Here’s a Quick Quiz to Determine If You’ve Wrecked Your Core Engine: 1. Sit on the floor, legs straight out […]

How to get a Strong Core: “Stabilize” it? or Rotate it?

Naty Nurge. 46 years old figure how to keep her muscles, bones & strength after 40.

Your Core is Half of your body’s total muscle mass, and it’s designed to rotate your hips, spine, and shoulders. The core is not designed to be stiff & “stable” like a turtle shell… Practicing “core-stability” exercises literally kill your core by teaching it to be stiff.   The “Core” is not just a dumb […]